1. How does your service work?

As soon as we listened and confirmed your Song, you will receive a detailed promotion plan, a  result estimation and personal consultation to answer any of your questions. Once you ordered a promotion, we will manually send your Song to playlist curators with suitable playlists. If a curator decides not to add your Song, we will just send it to the next best suitable curator. In a rare case that we can't plug your Song to enough playlists, you will be refunded. However our playlist networks are big enough to cover at least 99% of the Songs we accept. 


2. How many plays can I expect?

It is in the nature of organic promotion that stream/view results can vary. The fact that organic promotion can pull further traffic apart from the actual playlist (e.g further playlist adds, SEO improvements, suggested traffic...) is a reason why numbers might explode.

If the Song doesn't perform to well in regard of skip-rate, the viral effect probably won't occur. At least the Song will receive the traffic which a playlist receives through its listener. We have very good insights of how our playlists perform and will give you result estimations upfront.


3. Where do the plays come from?

The plays come from organic music playlists which get the majority of their traffic through their search result positions. (SEO)

For example if people search for certain keywords (lets say "pop music"), there are playlists in our network which show up first. 


4. Which genres do you cover?

On Spotify we cover almost any genre. Besides, we have "non-specific" playlists where almost any Song could fit.

On YouTube, we have a decent focus on Pop playlists, however there are enough "non-specific" playlists to cover your Song as well.

We are always striving to expand our networks and due to our experiences connecting to playlist curators, we grow fast!


5. Is the promotion safe?

Since we value the power of organic promotion, you don't need to worry about your Song. In case one of our curator seems to be using any kind of fake/botted views/streams he will be excluded from our network immediately.


6. Why is it important to promote organically?

Fake views/streams can lead to demonetization or a ban of your account on the platform. Besides, it is pretty obvious that non-organic promotion won't give you any exposure. As stated before, organic promotion can cause a viral effect and will provide authentic feedback. The quality of the Song decides how it will perform. It is important to notice that not every Song will only receive positive feedback. As musicians tho, we think it is very important to take up/grow/improve with any opinion towards your music.


7. Do you promote all Songs?

We wish we could but the truth is that we need to comply a certain quality standard for our curators playlists.

Those playlists are required to perform well in order to maintain on a good search position. That's why need at least a decent mixing & mastering. Your Song will be played between and competing with top artists like Ariana Grande, Drake, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles...


8. How long will my song be promoted?

The duration of a promotion is between 7-28 days. On the one hand that depends on the budget of your promotion, on the other hand we will try to mix campaigns. That means we will ask our curators to add the Song for different time lengths in order to provide a healthy promotion. However, the duration of the promotion is not always the key for the results. Rather, the playlist positions are decisive for the performance of a promotion. We will take care of your promotion manually and monitor our curators playlists daily.


9. I still have some questions, how can I contact you?

You can always head to the "Personal Consultation" section and fill out the sheet. No worries if you don't have a Song, but make sure to use valid contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Besides, feel free to use our Live Chat or send an E-Mail to info@organic-music-promo.com .