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✔ 100% Organic

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Why you should choose organic music promotion:

1. Our expertise in Spotify playlist and YouTube promotion

We’ve been studying the playlist-game for over 2 years now, connecting to more than 2400 playlist curators across Spotify and YouTube. That helped us to build our own music-career, reaching 5M+ streams/views. 

We are both audience certified developers and Google certified advertisers. We will take professional care to deliver your Song to an appropriate and proper audience. In order to achieve the best results with our campaigns, we mix our techniques.


2. What can we guarantee?

Investigating the playlist market in 2017, we did not come across any fake nor botted playlists. 

Back then we made the most of our connections to playlist curators which last until today.

With plenty experience, it is not too hard to distinguish real playlists from fake ones.

We guarantee to pitch you only to real and actively engaged playlists with a history that we followed.

We are very accurate to work only with playlists that perform well in regard to SEO. (search engine optimization) 


3. Free estimation & feedback:

We are looking to work with artists who take their music career serious. Once we started cooperating with you and you are happy with our service, we want to keep working with you until you reached your goals.

It is in the nature of organic promotion that results can vary. However, we will give you estimations of your possible promotion, before you actually start ordering. That way you can decide if our promotion service is suitable for you at this stage. Besides, we will always give you a feedback to your song, so feel free to submit your song.